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Tithes & Offerings

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Click the Give Now button.

  2. Though giving does not require users to have an account, it does update our church office management system when you do. Church members who regularly give should create an account.

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3. After an account is created, use the drop down to select the donation category. 

4. Enter the amount. 

5. If you are giving to multiple categories, use the + ADD DONATION link and an additional row will appear. 

6. Enter the category and amount. 

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7. When an amount is entered, payment information boxes will display. Enter your information. 

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8. Users can also make the giving reoccurring. This feature requires the user to set up an account. 

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9. Click Submit. Users will receive an email detailing the transaction. 

View your giving through our online church management program, Church Office Online. 

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